Important Services provided by Electric Media R&D other than Waterproofing without Breaking by EMWLSDP8

24/7 Support Service
24/7/365 Support Service
Abnormal Condition Analysis
Acceptance Testing
Access Control Management
Active Energy Audit
Active Evaluation
Advice on Energy Efficiency by Analyzing Infrared Report
Air Quality Audit
AMC – Annual Maintenance Contract R&D
AMC Analysis
AMC- Annual Maintenance Contract
Analysis of Electricity Bill
Analysis of Thermal Images
Analyzing Specification
Annual Maintenance Contract
Anti Corrosion
Anti Corrosion R&D
Application of for Energy Conservation
Application of Infrared to Radiometry
Application of Thermography for Energy Conservation
Assessment of Current Resources Consumption and Use Pattern by Conducting Energy Audit
Audit Services
Automatic Power Factor Control Panel
Automation Infrared Image Analyzing Services
Avoidance Failure
Baseline Thermography
Bidding Tendering
Blackout Analysis
BMS-Building Management System
Branding R&D
Brokerage of Flats in Society
Brownout Analysis
Building Diagnostics Report
Building Management System Audit
Building Management System R&D
Building Science and Energy Efficiency
Building Survey for Evaluation of Existing Conditions
Building Survey to Determine Their Seriousness and Probable Cause
Business Advisors
Business Analysis
Buying of Flats in Society
by Conducting Inspection Regularly
by Conducting Thermography Inspection Regularly
Capacity Building on Energy Efficiency by Doing Thermography Survey
Capacity on Energy Efficiency by Doing Survey
Capturing of Infrared Thermal Images
CCTV Audit
CCTV System Audit
Channel Partners for Marketing
Characterization of Defects in Metal Sheets via IR Thermography
Characterization of Infrared Camera
Chemical Earthing Audit
Chemical Lightning Arrestor Audit
Chemical Surge Suppressor Audit
Civil Contractor
Civil Thermographic Inspection of Infrastructures
Civil Third Party Audit
Clean Energy Solutions
Cold Spot Analysis
Competitor Analysis
Compliance and Risk Management
Compliance’s Audit
Condition Monitoring
Condition Monitoring and Energy Conversation
Consultancy Services
Consulting R&D
Contract Analysis
Contractor R&D
Cooling Analysis
Copper Earthing Audit
Copper Lightning Arrestor Audit
Copper Surge Suppressor Audit
Cost Analysis
Cost Audit
Critical Analysis
Critical Load Audit
Customer Services
Data Analysis
Data Analysis and Interpretation
Data Analytics
Data Analytics R&D
Dealers R&D
Decoding Specification
Define Guarantee
Define Warranty
Defining Scope of Work
Defining Specification
Design Defects
Detection of [Sf6] Gas by Technique
Detection of All Kind of Leakages
Detection of All Types of Leakages
Detection of Chemical Leakage
Detection of Cold Spot by Thermal Image Analysis
Detection of Cold Spots
Detection of Fire and Smoke
Detection of Gas Leakage
Detection of Heat Signature by Thermal Imaging Technology
Detection of Hot Spot
Detection of Hot Spots
Detection of Ice Berg by Thermal Scanning
Detection of Moisture
Detection of SF6 Gas
Detection of Thermal Patterns by Thermal Imaging Software
Detection of V.M.C. [Volatile Medicinal Compound]
Detection of VOC [Volatile Organic Compound]
Detection of Water Leakage
Detection of Water Seepage
Detection Oil Spill by Infrared Snapshot
Developing Energy Efficiency Monitoring Software
DG Supply Audit
Diagnostics Report
Digital Advertising
Digital Advertising R&D
Disaster Condition Analysis
Distributors R&D
Earth Connectivity
Earth Fault Analysis
Earthing Audit
Economic Advisors
Efficient Data Evaluation of Detections
Efficient Data Evaluation of Thermography Detections
Electric Bill Analysis
Electrical Audit
Electrical Automation System Audit
Electrical Contractor
Electrical Critical Load Audit
Electrical Design Adequacy Audit
Electrical Design Audit
Electrical Distribution and Network Audit
Electrical Earth Fault Audit
Electrical Earthing Audit
Electrical Earthing Audit R&D
Electrical EHz Extra High Voltage Supply Audit
Electrical Emergency Supply Audit
Electrical EMI Audit
Electrical Energy Audit
Electrical Energy Conservation Audit
Electrical Energy Management Audit
Electrical Energy Saving Audit
Electrical Fatal Accident Investigation Audit
Electrical Fire and Safety Audit
Electrical Fire Audit
Electrical forensic Audit
Electrical Grounding Audit
Electrical Hazardous Risk Audit
Electrical HT High Tension Supply Audit
Electrical HV High Voltage Audit
Electrical Industrial Audit
Electrical Infrared Audit
Electrical Infrared Thermography Audit
Electrical Infrastructure Audit
Electrical Infrastructure Safety Audit
Electrical Infrastructure Sustainability Audit
Electrical Infrastructure Sustainability Test
Electrical Inspection Audit
Electrical Installation Audit
Electrical Installation Safety Audit
Electrical Installation Scanning & Analyzing of Thermal Image
Electrical Installation Sustainability Audit
Electrical Installation Sustainability Test
Electrical Insurance Claim Settlement Audit
Electrical Lighting Audit
Electrical Lighting Load Audit
Electrical Lighting Surge Audit
Electrical LT Low Tension Supply Audit
Electrical LV Low Voltage Audit
Electrical Maintenance Audit
Electrical NDT Audit
Electrical NDT Non Destructive Testing
Electrical Network Audit
Electrical Non Critical Load Audit
Electrical Non Critical Supply Audit
Electrical Non Destructive Audit
Electrical Non Fatal Accident Investigation Audit
Electrical Nuisance Tripping Audit
Electrical Over Voltage Audit
Electrical Overload Audit
Electrical Power Audit
Electrical Power Factor Audit
Electrical Power Quality Analysis Audit
Electrical Power Quality Audit
Electrical Predictive Maintenance Audit
Electrical Preventive Maintenance Audit
Electrical RFI Audit
Electrical Risk Analysis Audit
Electrical Risk Assessment Audit
Electrical Risk Audit
Electrical Root Cause Analysis
Electrical Safety Audit
Electrical Safety Audit of Building by Detecting Host Spots
Electrical Safety Audit of by Detecting Host Spots
Electrical Safety Audit R&D
Electrical Safety Inspection by Using Thermal Imaging Technology
Electrical Saving Audit
Electrical Short Circuit Audit
Electrical Smoke and Fire Audit
Electrical Spark and Fire Audit
Electrical Spark Audit
Electrical Standby Supply Audit
Electrical Statutory Audit
Electrical Substation Audit
Electrical Supply Audit
Electrical Surge Suppressor Audit
Electrical Sustainability Audit
Electrical System Audit
Electrical Tariff Audit
Electrical Thermal Imaging Audit
Electrical Thermography Audit
Electrical Third Party Audit
Electrical Third Party Inspection Audit
Electrical Three Phase Load Balancing Audit
Electrical Under Voltage Audit
Electrical UPS Load Audit
Electrical Zero Down Time Audit
Electronics Third Party Audit
Emergency Supply Audit
EMI Analysis
EMI Electro Magnetic Interference Audit
EMI Electromagnetic Interference Audit
EMR Analysis
EMR Electro Magnetic Radiation Audit
Encoding Specification
Energy Analysis
Energy Analysis of Building
Energy Assessment
Energy Assessment of Building
Energy Audit
Energy Auditing
Energy Auditing of Building
Energy Conservation Analysis
Energy Conservation Audit
Energy Efficiency
Energy Efficiency Analysis
Energy Efficiency and Conservation
Energy Efficiency and Conservation of Building
Energy Loss Analysis
Energy Planning
Energy Resources
Energy Saving
Energy Saving Audit
Energy Saving of Building
Energy Situation Analysis Can Be Done by Infrared Scanning
Energy Utilization Analysis
Enterprises Resource Planning
Environment Condition Analysis
Environmental Audit
Equipment’s Inspection by Interpreting Infrared Image
Evaluation of and Quality Control
E-Waste Management
E-Waste Recycling
Export Evaluation
External Audit
Extreme Emi Electromagnetic Interference Condition Analysis
Facility Audit
Facility Management
Facility Management Audit
Facility Management R&D
Failure Analysis
Fault Clearing Analysis
Fault Detection Analysis
Fault Monitor Analysis
Fault Protection Analysis
Field Service Analysis
Fire & Safety Audit
Fire & Safety Audit R&D
Fire & Safety Inspection by Using Thermocam
Fire and Safety Audit
Fire Audit
Fire Detection
Fire Detection Audit
Fire Fighting Services
Firefighting Thermography Services
Flame Audit
Flame Detection
Flickering Analysis
forecast Analysis
forensic Analysis
forensic Audit
forensic Engineering Audit
Forensic Engineering R&D
forensic Water Extrusion Testing
Functional Infrared Imaging
Fundamental Analysis
Future Risk Assessment
Future Risk Management
Future Risk Prediction Analysis
General Inspection
Generator Supply Audit
GHG Emissions Calculations
GI Earthing Audit
GI Lightning Arrestor Audit
GI Surge Suppressor Audit
Global Evaluation
Governance Risk Compliances
Gradient Heat Wave
GRIHA Green Rating for Integrated Habitat Assessment
Harmonic Analysis Audit
Harmonic Audit
Harmonic Filter Audit
Hazardous Gas Detection
Hazardous Management
Heat Analysis
Heat Signature Analysis
Heat Signature Audit
Heat Transfer Measurement by IR Thermography
Heat Wave
Home Evaluation
Hot Spot Analysis
Hot Spot Detection
Hot Spot Detection Audit
Hotspot Network Audit
HR – Human Resource R&D
Hr- Human Resource
Humidity Analysis
HVAC Audit
HVAC Contractor
Identified Present Opportunities Required To Increase Energy Efficiency in MSME's Sector by Using Infrared Technology
Identify Suitable Low Carbon Energy Efficient Technology by Using Technique
Implementation of Energy Management System and System Optimization Project by Analyzing Thermal Imaging Report
Industrial Audit
Industrial Energy Conservation Audit
Industrial Energy Saving Audit
Industrial Fire and Safety Audit
Industrial Hazardous Risk Audit
Industrial Infrared Audit
Industrial NDT Audit
Industrial Safety Audit
Industrial Saving Audit
Industrial Science
Industrial Thermal Imaging Audit
Industrial Thermography Audit
Industrial Thermography Science
Industrial Third Party Audit
Infra Tech
Infrared [IR]
Infrared Analysis
Infrared Audit
Infrared for Failure Analysis
Infrared for Functional Testing
Infrared for Reliability and Failure Analysis
Infrared Heat Signature Audit
Infrared Image Services
Infrared Imaging Science
Infrared Reports Help To Develop a Viable Energy Plan for the Industries
Infrared Services
Infrared Signature Analysis
Infrared Survey to Detect Moisture and Energy Loss
Infrared Survey to Detect Moisture and Energy Loss of Building
Infrared Technology
Infrared Technology Use for Energy Saving
Infrared Thermography for Failure Analysis
Infrared Thermography for Functional Testing
Infrared Thermography for Remote Temperature Measurement
Infrared Thermography IRT
Infrared Thermography Reports Helps To Develop a Viable Energy Plan for the Industries
Infrared Thermography Services
Innovative Solution
Input Power Condition Analysis
Instrumentation Third Party Audit
Insurance Audit
Insurance Claims Settlement
Insurance Claims Settlement R&D
Insurance Evaluation
Integration of Control Strategies as Per the Energy Conservation Code of India by Providing Thermal Sensors
Internal Audit
Internet and Wifi
Internet and WiFi R&D
Internet Network Audit
Interpretation of Thermal Images
Investigation of Water Extrusion
Investment Advisors
IPR – Intellectual Property Right R&D
IPR- Intellectual Property Right
IR for Capturing Failure
IR for Defect Detection Technology
IR for Energy and Electrical Safety
IR for Energy Insurance
IR for forensic Engineering Services
IR for Functional Testing
IR for Investigative Engineering Services
IR for ISO Certification
IR for NDT [Non Destructive Testing]
IR for Thermal Failure Analysis
IR Infrared Audit
IR Inspection
IR Inspection Report Helps To Understand Evaluating How the Risk Can Be Mitigated
IR is a NDT Method Use to Measure Thermal Gradients in Energy Emitted by Electrical and Mechanical System
IR is a NDT Method Use to Measure Thermal Gradients in Energy Emitted by Electrical and System
IR Reliability and Failure Analysis
IR Report
IR Scanning
IR Services
IR Test
IR Thermography & Reliability and Failure Analysis
IR Thermography for Capturing Failure
IR Thermography for Defect Detection Technology
IR Thermography for Energy and Electrical Safety
IR Thermography for Energy Insurance
IR Thermography for forensic Engineering Services
IR Thermography for Functional Testing of Solar Cells
IR Thermography for Investigative Engineering Services
IR Thermography for ISO Certification
IR Thermography for NDT [Not Destructive Testing]
IR Thermography for Thermal Failure Analysis
IR Thermography Inspection
IR Thermography Report
IR Thermography Services
IT Security Services
Leakage Analysis
Leakage Detection
Leakage Detection R&D
Leasing of Flats in Society
Life Cycle Improvement
Lifecycle Evaluation
Lightning Arrestor Audit
Liquid Crystal Thermography
Maintenance Audit
Maintenance Management
Management Audit
Manufacturing Process
Manufacturing Technology
Market Analysis
Market Research
Material Analysis
Measurement of Convictive Heat Transfer Using Infrared Thermography
Measurement Science & Technology
Mechanical Contractor
Mechanical Equipment’s Inspection by Interpreting Infrared Image
Mechanical Third Party Audit
Mitigation Measure
Moisture Analysis
Nano Technology Third Party Audit
NDE Analysis
NDE Evaluation
NDI Analysis
NDT Analysis
NDT Thermography Testing Audit
NDT Third Party Audit
Network Audit
Non Conventional Energy Audit
Non Critical Load Audit
Non-Contact Analysis
Non-Performance Analysis
Non-Technical Support Analysis by EMR Electromagnetic Interference Proof Control Panel
Normal Condition Analysis
NPA – Non Performing Assets R&D
NPA- Non Performing Assets
Nuisance Tripping Analysis
On Demand Emergency Service Analysis
On Site Testing
Online Bidding
Online Support Analysis
Online Tender Bidding
Online Tendering
Operational Audit
Operational Research
Out Sourcing
Over Current Analysis
Over Load Testing
Over Voltage Analysis
Painting Contractor
Performance Analysis
Performance Contract Analysis
Performance Evaluation
Performance Evaluation Analysis
Performance Monitoring of ECBC Compliant by Using Services
Performance Optimization
Performance Testing
Photovoltaic Thermography
Physical Inspection
Pipe Evaluation
Planning Audit
Plumbing Contractor
PMC Project Management Consultant
Post Commissioning Testing
Potential Partners for Marketing
Power Audit
Power Conservation Analysis
Power Consumption Analysis
Power Factor Audit
Power Factor Incentive Audit
Power Factor Penalty Audit
Power Factor R&D
Power Map
Power Quality
Power Quality Analysis
Power Quality Analysis Audit
Power Quality Audit
Power Quality R&D
Power Saving Analysis
Power Supply Audit
Pre Commissioning Testing
Pre Shipment Evaluation
Predictive Maintenance
Predictive Maintenance Analysis
Predictive Maintenance Audit
Preparation of Baseline Energy Consumption
Prevention of Water Extrusion
Preventive Maintenance
Preventive Maintenance Analysis
Preventive Maintenance Audit
Process Audit
Process Control Thermographic Scanning Services
Process Defining
Processing Technique and Thermographic Images
Project Advisors
Project Management
Project Management R&D
Pulse is used for Inspecting Automotive Components
Pulse Thermography is used for Inspecting Automotive Components
Qualitative Analysis
Qualitative Research
Quality Analysis
Quality Assessment
Quality Assurance
Quality Assurance Audit
Quality Audit
Quality Control Audit
Quality Evaluation
Quantitative Analysis
Quantitative Diagnostics
Quantitative Diagnostics of Building by Using Infrared Technology
Quantitative Infrared Thermography
Quantitative Research
QURT Quantitative Infrared Thermography
R&D Third Party Audit
Radiation Audit
Radiology and Imaging
Reduction of [GHG] Green House Gas Emission
Reduction of GHG Green House Gas Emission
Reference Point of Equipment Temperature under Normal Operating Condition
Refurbish Analysis
Regulatory Compliances
Remote Acquisition
Remote Controlling
Remote Detection
Remote Inspection
Remote Monitoring
Remote Monitoring Analysis
Remote Monitoring and Controlling Analysis
Remote Protection
Remote Scanning
Renewable Energy Audit
Renewable Resources
Renting of Flats in Society
Repair Service Analysis
Re-Sale of Flats in Society
Research and Development
Research and Development Thermographic Application
Resellers R&D
Resolution of Water Extrusion
Resource Analysis
Resource Management
Restructure Analysis
Restructuring R&D
Retro Fitting
Retrofitting Analysis
Reverse Engineering
RFI Analysis
RFI Radio Frequency Interference Audit
Risk Analysis
Risk and Compliances
Risk Assessment
Risk Assessment Audit
Risk Audit
Risk Based Evaluation
Risk Management
Root Cause Analysis
Root Cause Analysis Audit
Root Cause Analysis R&D
Root Cause Investigation
Root Cause Investigation Audit
Root Cause Investigation R&D
Round The Clock Service
Routine Testing
Safety Audit
Safety Inspection
Safety Management
Science and Energy Applications
Science and Energy Efficiency
Security Advisors
Security Audit
Security Surveillance
Security Third Party Audit
Self Consumption Analysis
Selling of Flats in Society
Shock Proof Analysis
Shutdown Analysis
Smoke Audit
Smoke Detection
Spark Audit
Specification Evaluation
Sports Management
Sports Management R&D
Standby Supply Audit
Startup Consulting
Startup Consulting R&D
Statistical Analysis
Statutory Audit
Statutory Compliances
Statutory Compliances R&D
Strength and Weaknesses Assessment
Strength and Weaknesses Assessment of Building
Structural Diagnostics
Study of Current Situation and Information
Study on Energy Efficiency and Conversation [EEC]
Study on Energy Efficiency and Conversation EEC
Supply Chain Management
Support Analysis
Surge Suppressor Audit
Surveillance & Security Third Party Audit
Surveillance System Audit
Surveillance Third Party Audit
Survey for Evaluation of Existing Conditions
Survey to Determine their Seriousness and Probable Cause
System Audit
System Integrators
Technical Analysis
Technical Consultancy Analysis
Technical Support Analysis
Technology Consulting
Telecom Third Party Audit
Temperature Analysis
Temperature Data
Temperature Enabling Simulation
Test Report
Testing Laboratory
THD Total Harmonic Distortion Analysis Audit
THD Total Harmonic Distortion Audit
The Base Line Will be Established
The Thermography Instrument Thermal Scanner
Thermal Analysis
Thermal Analysis Input
Thermal Audit
Thermal Data Acquisition and Storing System
Thermal Data Collect
Thermal Distribution and Variation in Real Time
Thermal Energy Waste Survey
Thermal Experts
Thermal Imaging
Thermal Imaging Audit
Thermal Imaging Inspection
Thermal Imaging Third Party Audit
Thermal Infrared Security Solutions
Thermal Inspection Diagnostics
Thermal Management Problems
Thermal Map
Thermal Measurement of Heat Patterns
Thermal NDT
Thermal of Infrared Security Solutions
Thermal Patterns of Heat Loss
Thermal Scanning
Thermal Scanning of Building
Thermal Scanning of Entire Electrical Installation
Thermal Snapshots
Thermal Snapshots Steady State Thermal Analysis
Thermal Snapshots Steady State Thermal Analysis of Device
Thermal Surveying
Thermal Trending
Thermal Trending Compared Temperature Differential Over Time
Thermal Video
Thermo Capabilities
Thermo Mechanical Property
Thermo Property
Thermograph Analysis
Thermographic Inspection
Thermographic NDT
Thermography Analysis
Thermography Audit
Thermography for Building Science and Energy Applications
Thermography for Remote Temperature Measurement
Thermography Measurement
Thermography R&D
Thermography Report
Thermography Reports Help To Understand Energy Risk
Thermography Services
Thermography Survey
Thermography Testing Laboratory
Thermography Third Party Audit
Thermometry and Thermal Parameters Identification
Third Party Audit
Third Party Evaluation
Third Party Inspection
To Conduct Environmental Monitoring and Evaluating by Doing Infrared Scanning
To Conduct Geo Thermal Feasibility Study
To Conduct Geothermal Feasibility Study
To Conduct Infrared Aerial Survey for Development of Eco City Based On Its Carbon Inventory
To Evaluate the Impact of Energy Conservation Code Compliances by Referring Thermal Patterns
Transfer of Energy Efficient Industrial Technology
Transient Thermal Analysis
Trouble Shooting
Type Testing
Under Voltage Analysis
Undertake Technology Assignment with Regarding Energy Performance
UPS – Uninterrupted Power Supply Audit R&D
Ups Audit
Ups Uninterrupted Power Supply Audit
Ups- Uninterrupted Power Supply Audit
Value Addition R&D
Vendor Registration
Vibration Analysis
Virtual Services
Virtual Thermography Services
Visual Evaluation
VOIP Services
Vulnerability Analysis
Vulnerable Analysis
Waste Management
Waste Recycling
Water Leakage Detection
Water Leakage Third Party Audit
Water Proofing Third Party Audit
Waterproofing Without Breaking
Wealth Advisors
Wellness Support Service
Wholesale Suppliers
Wifi Network Audit

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